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What is ALAI 2023? Founded by Victor Hugo in 1878, the Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale (ALAI) is an independent scholarly society dedicated to the study and discussion of legal problems arising from the protection of the interests of authors and the auxiliaries of creation. ALAI was created to promote the international recognition of the legal protection due to the intellectual work of authors, in order to encourage a better international dissemination of works and thus enrich the heritage of humanity. Since the end of the 19th century and the adoption of the Berne Convention, the association has played a key role in the preparation of international, regional or national normative instruments, notably through the organization of congresses and study days devoted to the in-depth analysis of all aspects of copyright and related rights. Petit titre: AFPIDA The French Association for the International Protection of Copyright (AFPIDA) is currently the French branch of ALAI. It was originally the matrix until the success of the movement led to the adoption of a slightly different structure with an international organization covering a multitude of national branches. The AFPIDA is an association under the French law of 1901 which brings together more than 200 individuals (lawyers, company lawyers, magistrates, academics) or legal entities (CMOs, companies) specialized or simply interested in the field of copyright and related rights. Through monthly working meetings and annual international events, the AFPIDA attempts to analyze the state of the law in this field and to reflect on its evolution. The Association is chaired by Professor Pierre Sirinelli (who is also vice-president of ALAI), assisted by two vice-presidents, Professors Alexandra Bensamoun and Tristan Azzi (also members of the Executive Committee of ALAI). The Bureau is completed by Florence-Marie Piriou (Sofia), General Secretary and Gilles Vercken (Treasurer).

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